Decorating Your Guest Room (on a dime) For the Holidays!

Decorating Your Guest Room (on a dime) For the Holidays!

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Who else is busy getting ready of the holidays?

I love everything about Christmas, the decorations, the music and I especially love the feeling, the spirit and the memories. Spending time with family and friends always feels a little warmer and maybe even a little bit magical at Christmas time don’t you think?

This year my parents are travelling from the east coast to spend the holidays with us so of course I have been busy decorating our guest room for Christmas. And in case you haven’t heard, decorating on a dime is one of my most favourite things!

Before I got started, I took an inventory of our guest room because I always like to work with what I have in a space when sticking to a budget, because let’s face it, Christmas is a very short season, even when you decorate early like me! The walls in this room are painted a beautiful navy blue (Sea Serpent by Sherwin Williams) and the bedding is a very light gray so I knew I could easily incorporate some simple, budget friendly ideas because honestly, who doesn’t love a blue Christmas? I’ve had blue Christmas themes in the past so I already had a few things on hand to incorporate into the space

One of my most favourite money saving decor tips is to buy throw pillow covers and my favourite place to buy them is Ikea, where they are affordable and durable. For this room, I already had two navy blue pillow covers from Ikea in our living room so I brought them into the guest room, I had these read ones in my Christmas decor bins and I purchased this cute plaid one at Ikea for $13.99. I put it over an old throw pillow and voila, Something as simple as changing out your throw pillows can change the look or design of an entire room. We all know throw pillows can be pricey so I definitely recommend pillow covers (they’ve even had some cute ones at Dollorama this year).

Next I decided to purchase a couple of extra large poster frames at Walmart for $10 a piece and had these posters printed at Staples for $3 each. Yes folks, in case you didn’t know, Staples prints on engineering size paper so you can pretty much have anything printed to size and it’s an easy and affordable way to add, in this case, a Christmas touch to the bedroom. If you’re wondering where I got my “designs” I simply typed them in a Word document on my computer, saved them as a PDF and ordered them through Staples online and they were ready for pick-up in less than an hour. Such a great resource!

Inexpensive Poster Frames from Walmart

I also “splurged” on this beautiful paper Strala light from Ikea, isn’t it so pretty? This is the small one and was $7.00 and the electrical cord to turn it into a functioning light was $5. It’s very functional and also something I can leave up all winter.

I wanted to add some “wintery” decor to the open shelving we put in this room earlier this year so I decided to use this tried and true mason jar craft and it’s the perfect addition. I bought the wire brush trees and the epsom salts at the dollar store, the jars I had in my collection. Another easy and affordable way to add a little Christmas to any room!

The rest of the finishing touches you see in this room were items I already had on hand One of my favourite things to do is “shop my house” , it’s amazing how you can move things from room to room and give them a whole new look.

I hope you find these budget friendly decor tips helpful if you too are hosting guests for the holidays. What better way to make your guests feel right at home than having them arrive to a festively decorated guest room? And hey, if you can decorate it on a dime, even better!

Michele xo

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