Feeling Safe & Sound  ~ Why We Love Keyless Entry

Feeling Safe & Sound ~ Why We Love Keyless Entry

When Our Uncluttered House was selected to participate in a Renovation Challenge with a well-known North American Tile Company, we automatically knew we would choose to renovate our entryway and at the top of our list was a new front door.

You see I’ve been dreaming of a new front door since we bought our bungalow four years ago and not just for curb appeal sake, but because the existing front door was terrible. It was drafty, and although we had replaced the hardware, things never lined up properly, it was just a poorly installed builder grade door.  Luckily for us, Schlage Locks Canada came to the rescue with a beautiful new lock set for our new front door.

Photo Cred: Stella Media Co.

Like most families we have a very busy house with 3 boys ranging from teenager to young adult.  We have one who lives at home, one who kind of lives at home and one who just comes home to visit.  One thing they all have in common is forgetting or misplacing their house key!  We also have dog sitters and a cleaning lady, too many keys to keep track of! I don’t know about you but I HATE having missing house keys.

This new key-less Schlage Electronic lock system is the answer to the lost house key epidemic around here.  Not only does the Aged Bronze finish look gorgeous against our new Craftsman style front door, it is so functional and easy to use.  

It has so many great features, including the option to set temporary codes which I love!  This function is amazing and enables you to set a temporary code to give to your cleaning lady, dog sitter, painter, etc.  on those days you won’t be home and aren’t comfortable leaving an extra key outside.  Or like in our case, can’t find an extra key to leave out!   I also love that I can come and go and not have to worry about taking a bulky key ring with me when I walk the dogs, go pick up the mail or visit with our neighbors.  I especially love that the keypad illuminates in the dark and most importantly, it comes with an auto-lock feature, which automatically re-locks the door after five minutes.   If you have teenagers you know they never remember to lock the door!

Photo Cred: Stella Media Co.

Although we were not the grand prizewinners in the Renovation Challenge, (we placed 6th out of 12 designers), we still feel like we won!  We have a beautiful new entryway and the front door with the Schlage lock is the new focal point from both inside and outside the house. 

Photo Cred: Calira Media

We honestly can’t say enough about our new Schlage lock, not only does it simplify life, we once again feel safe and sound at home.

 Michele xo

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