Thrifty Christmas Gift Ideas - Let Me Help You Finish Your Holiday Shopping!

Thrifty Christmas Gift Ideas - Let Me Help You Finish Your Holiday Shopping!

I am usually super duper organized, my shopping is usually done, wrapped and under the tree by the end of November. This year not so much. But that doesn’t mean I am at a loss for what to buy, I just need to hustle a little harder and get this job wrapped up in the next few days. If you are in the same position, I’m here to help!

Not only am I a thrifty shopper, I’m big into gift baskets, boxes, bags, gifts with a little theme, you know what I mean? Basically I love to give a practical gift but make it fun. Here are a few gift ideas in case you’re like me, and still have shopping to do and no idea what to buy!


For the car lovers in your life, especially young adults who truly appreciate the value of a gas card, grab some travel size car cleaning wipes, an air freshener at your local Dollar and a gas card! Trust me, they will love it! ($32)

The Introverted Movie Buff

For the movie buff who prefers to stay home and watch a good flick rather than hit the theatres, check out the $5 DVD bins in your local department stores, you’re bound to find a classic that’s worth watching again. Pair it with some popcorn and you’re done! (Of course you could always throw in a couple of cans of craft beer or a bottle of wine and suddenly you’re woman (or man) of the year!) ($10 without the alcohol)

Economically Challenge College Kids!
How about your college kids? They’re always broke and get sick of taking the bus or asking to borrow the car. Grab them an Uber gift card, a pair of texting gloves (available at your local Costco) so they can order their Uber and text you to let you know they are on their way home without have to get frostbite! ($35)

For the Traveller

Do you have someone on your gift giving list that has a trip coming up? How about a new cosmetic bag filled with some travel size essentials, including a can of wine for that long wait at the airport:) ($35-$50 depending on the price of the cosmetic bag you choose)

Support Your Local Handmade Community

Another favourite form of gift giving is supporting your local handmade maker community. We are fortunate to have a large one in my area and this is truly one of a kind gift giving that won’t break the bank. Here are a couple of my local faves:

With Love Gift Co. is a local small biz that curates beautiful gift baskets for any occasion, that you can’t buy in a store. This “Christmas Hug in a Mug” is my fave this year. It is $20 and comes with an individual package of Eat My Shortbreads cookies, Biscuits to Baskets chocolate covered gourmet pretzel rod and caramel coffee spoon (two other local makers) and individual creamy coffee and herbal tea sachets, packed into a cute holiday themed mug! A perfect, economical gift for just about anyone on your list. I mean how cute is this? ($20)

Next would you check out these beautiful handmade stained glass sun catchers? Aren’t they beautiful and all one of a kind. These are handmade by the talented Northern Grind Class Co and make a perfect gift. I happen to know from experience that this local gal makes custom orders too! They are breathtaking and the perfect gift for that hard to buy someone on your list.

Gifting an Experience

Another great gift idea is to check your local theatres and venues for upcoming shows. Many of them play classic movies (if you are local to me check out the Regent Theatre - $5 classic movie nights all year long!) or have tribute shows that are inexpensive and a lot of fun. If you have a single adult to buy for, ask one of their friends family members if they would like to join forces and buy a ticket for the same event. If they elderly arrange to drive them to and from, give them the royal treatment! Let’s face it, there is nothing better than treating someone to an affordable experience rather than racking your brain and overspending on a gift that they probably don’t really need. ($5-$40 depending on the show)

There’s Always Time

And last but not least, if you are really stuck or are on a tight budget, you can always always give the gift of time. Spending time with our friends and family all year long is one of the most priceless gifts we can give. Go for a visit or offer to do some odd jobs, maybe babysit or cook a meal. Make your own “gift certificates” and wrap them up with some homemade goodies. Endless possibilities that will be treasured!

I don’t know about you but I feel a little more motivated and organized and ready to wrap up my Christmas shopping this weekend (excuse the pun!)

Happy shopping friends!

Michele xo

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