Is This Real Life?!

Wow, shit is getting real….I officially have a website!!!  If you have been following along on my Facebook page and the Instagram account you’ve heard me make mention of a real life Big Girl Blog coming soon….well here she is!  I hope you will continue to follow along and don’t be surprised or give up as I maneuver my way through running this website.  All I can say is thank god I have tech-savvy teenagers to help me!

Let me introduce myself… name is Michele, I am a Canadian gal born and raised in the Maritimes but live in Ontario (a bit east of Toronto).  I have three sons, one husband, and two dogs so I’m slightly outnumbered!  I am also quite possibly one of the thriftiest gals you will ever meet!  I am passionate about Home Decor, DIY’s, Upcycling/Repurposing Furniture, Thrift Store Shopping….you get the picture right?  Follow along as I share projects and stories and help you learn to Decorate on a Dime and save money in every aspect of day to day living!

Stay tuned friends….I do believe the best is yet to come!

Yours in thriftiness,


Two Of a Kind

Two Of a Kind