A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

If you've been following me on Facebook and Instagram then you know Thrifty is my thing!  I love a bargain, I especially love finding inexpensive decor pieces for our home that can I can epicycle or makeover.   And even better than inexpensive is FREE!!!

Our neighbourhood, as do many other neighbourhoods around North America, has a "Buy Nothing" Facebook group.  It's such a great tool, whether it's for picking up things someone else is ready to discard or for donating your own things, often times to a family in need.  In this case it was an old dresser that appeared to be in rough shape.  When no one volunteered to pick it up I said I would!  I took my son and we literally drove a block away and picked this beauty up from a neighbours front porch.


She wasn't pretty but she was solid wood AND MADE IN CANADA....I could barely contain my excitement!  And the very next day while perusing my favourite buy and sell site, Varage Sale, I came across a little solid wood end table that was also posted for free so I messaged the seller and made arrangements to pick it up the very next day.  And somehow in all the excitement I didn't get a before picture but it was the classic orange honey oak colour that seems to be making it's way to everyones curb these days!

I started prepping the dresser for paint.  It needed some light sanding and a good cleaning with TSP.  I also added a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint's "Ultra Grip" because I did not plan on sealing or waxing it and I wanted to ensure the paint would adhere well.


Next it was time for paint and since I have been crushing on all things navy blue this year, I decided to go with "Midnight Blue" also by Fusion Mineral Paint.  The original hardware was solid and in great shape, I had originally planned on cleaning it up and keeping the brass look but decided I LOVED the look of copper against the navy blue even better!

Also during the time I was working on this project, my best friends hubby texted me to ask I wanted a couple of old mirrors that had been collecting dust in their basement....well that was a silly question right?  


It was perfect timing because I decided to makeover the smaller mirror to go with this dresser and side table I was working on.  It was like the stars had aligned!

To make a long story short, the three pieces were all painted in Fusion Mineral paint, the dresser hardware was sprayed with Rustoleum Aged Copper spray paint, the mirror was painted and distressed.  They turned out better than I had expected!


My plan was to sell these three pieces as a set but once they were finished, I couldn't bare to part with them!  We were working on our spare room makeover at the time and I knew they would look amazing in there.  And the rest is history!



The moral of my story is, if you haven't tried Fusion Mineral Paint yet what are you waiting for?  Don't be afraid to give a piece of your own furniture a makeover, after all, it's only paint!

Your thrifty friend,

Michele  xo



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