Family Day Weekend

Good day friends,

Here in Ontario we are having our first long weekend of 2018...Happy Family Day! It's nice having a stat holiday in February where you can just "BE", it reminds me of Sundays from years ago before stores started staying open 7 days a week. The good old days!!!

This past week has been another busy one around here. I've been working on a dresser and a bedside table that were both FREEBIES! They are being painted in my current fave Fusion Mineral Paint colour of "Midnight Blue" and are looking gorgeous. Stay tuned for pics later in the week. 


I also spent an entire day cleaning out a HUGE storage cupboard/pantry that fills up our little mudroom. It was left behind by the previous owners of our bungalow and it has certainly come in handing after downsizing from our last house that had a big kitchen with a ton of cupboards and a HUGE pantry.  It's great for small appliances, extra cleaning supplies, canned goods, basically it had become the black hole for storing anything and everything!  One day it will become an actual mudroom but for now it is what it is.  On Friday I filled a huge bag of garbage, lots of recycling and a few donations. I also made some temporary small labels since my mother-in-law is coming to house/dog sit for a week!  I have plans for a cheap update later in the spring since its one of only two rooms that have not been painted yet.  Iā€™m thinking abou painting the cupboard doors on this huge cabinet to lighten them up and add some large chalk board labels. But for now it is reorganized and i'll be making sure it stays that way!!



Saturday morning I met some of my cousins and my Uncle for breakfast. We have a "Breakfast Club" ongoing on Saturday mornings and whomever can make it comes, sometimes one of our spouses joins us or some of the kids if they are up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday or home from college very close anyway despite growing up two provinces away from each other. I know we will continue this tradition for years to come and hope that our kids will do the same because after all, family is everything and in my case, these cousins are some of my best friends!


Today we are going to the movies with our boys. We are seeing "15;17 to Paris", it's a Clint Eastwood movie so i'm sure it's well done. We are heading to Landmark Cinema's with our buy one get one free coupons and the movie is showing in one of the cinemas with the leather recliners....the only thing missing is heated seats!

Happy Family Day to those who are fortunate enough to have this holiday to enjoy, to everyone else, Happy Monday and I hope the week ahead is good to us all!

Yours in thriftiness,

Michele xox

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A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

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