This is one of my favourite and easiest DIY’s EVER!  I was specifically looking for a fridge side chalkboard to make but you could use it anywhere!

I’ve been wanting a big ass chalkboard in our kitchen forever but due to another downsizing dilemma we didn’t have the wall space.  I mean I was even willing to compromise with a not so big ass one and had been scrolling and thinking about how I could possibly make it happen when BAM!  I came across this pic and my prayers had been answered!

Now as much as I would LOVE to have one this big, I have dogs that eat their dinner right in front of this side of my fridge and lets be real, would I really get down on my knees to write on a chalkboard?  That would be a hell no because I probably wouldn't get back up!

I knew I could tweak this idea to suit our kitchen and our fridge.  I took some measurements and made a list and this is what I needed:

- 20x30 Foam Presentation Board

- Rustoleum Black Chalk Board Paint

- 3M double sided mounting tape

- wood scraps I had in my work room (cut from a 1 x .5 x8 piece of strapping)
Here are the step by step instructions that worked for me:

I sprayed the foam board with 3 coats of chalkboard paint which goes on so easy.  I let it set for 24 hours (it dries in 20 minutes but I like to let it set for longer if i'm going to be handling it a lot)

My pieces of wood were stained in Rustoleum Varathane Gel Stain in Dark Walnut  (Because it’s my go to and I always have it on hand)

We cut the wood according to the size of the foam board (20x30) knowing we wanted it to look like a frame.

Next I attached the doublesided table to all four sides of the back of the foam board and put it where I wanted it on the fridge.   The key is to apply lots of pressure to make sure it is good and STUCK before you attach the pieces of wood.  Even after I applied pressure for 10 minutes I left it for another 20 minutes before I attached the wood.

While I was waiting I attached the double sided tape to the pieces of wood, again using tapes the same length as each piece of wood.   I attached them directly onto the foam board - using my level - one piece at a time.  Again applying lots of pressure to each piece.
Voila!  It's a work of art!  And  it’s still holding on this morning so I would say we’re stuck with it!!!

Here's a breakdown of costs:

- Elmers  foam board - $12.99 at Michaels BUT I used my 40% off coupon making it $7.79

- 3M double sided tape from Home Depot $7.99

- Rustoleum Chalkboard Spray Paint - I had this on hand from my dartboard chalkboards but if you had to buy it, it around $9 at Home Depot and would last you for a couple of projects

- the type of wood I used for the trim comes in 8 foot lengths for under $2 at Home Depot

So for me because I used a lot of supplies I already had on hand, this project only cost me around $17.   And that my friends is what I call a thrifty DIY!!!

What are you waiting for?  This is the perfect DIY for a beginner and if you have the space, make it as big as you can, you won’t regret it!

Michele xo
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