Signs, Signs, Everywhere there's Signs

A big DIY dream of mine for a very long time has been to learn how to make wooden signs.  They are very popular and so many makers have so many different styles and talent, it's mind blowing!!!  At first I thought I would never be able to compete with some of these sign masters but then, through my own personal journey this year I've come to learn that life is not a competition and neither should pursuing a dream or a hobby be, do what makes YOU happy!

So I took the plunge.  I did a lot of research and decided to purchase the Cricut Air 2 machine.  I even persuaded the manager at a local store to give me the scoop as to when these babies would go on sale because I knew it didn't happen often.  As luck would have it she gave me the info I needed and I was able to snag one the day before we left for our winter vacation.  Now I consider myself to be somewhat tech savvy but i'll be honest with you,  this pretty blue Cricut scared the shit out of me!  It didn't matter how much reading I did or you tube videos I watched, I couldn't quite get the hang of it.  This just deepened my admiration and respect for all of you makers who are pumping out your goods so flawlessly.

Finally I decided to use my life line to phone a friend in the business, a friend who has been supplying me with signs from the first day I met her.  Like seriously,  this girl would literally make me anything I asked, she is so talented!  She decided to  give up the sign business earlier this year and lucky for me she was happy to help me.  I had a nice hands on lesson with her, I took a ton of notes and came home and got busy!  Lots of learning curves along the way, lots of messages sent to my extremely patient friend, a few f bombs dropped by me (and probably her) and finally I got into my groove!  (My girl Kayleigh is now the maker of some totally rad kids and adults tees, you should totally go check her out, I keep saying her threads are making me cool again LOL - Sterling Six Threads)

And can we just talk about my sometimes twice weekly trips to my local Home Depot?  Those guys at the Bowmanville store are rock stars!!!  They know me by name now, they help me load my cart with wood, they do my cutting and help me load my truck on days I can't quite get it myself.  They are my go to for everything sign related.  And I also have to give a shout out to the girls in the paint department, mixing my sample pots for me like a boss, even when they are super busy.

My handy hubby is an integral part of this new branch of Our Uncluttered House, he does all the cutting with the saw and all the nailing, he's been a rock star because he really isn't one little bit interested in making signs.  Let's just say it's not his fave DIY we've tackled together but he's a good sport and is always willing to support me and my crazy ideas!

We really love the rustic look going with our signs, it's our thing, it's how we decorate our house, it's kinda just who we are.  We also have been trying hard to make something a little different.  These are truly one of a kind because you never know how our old mitre saw is going to act on any given day and don't even get me started on our nail gun!  Through trial and tribulation we've managed to get into a groove and have had some fun (and some not fun) along the way.

I don't think i'm ready for an Etsy shop just yet but we've made a little subcateory here on the blog to post our wares.  Check them out and see what you think.  We will add new ones on a regular basis and seasonally (or at least that's the plan).  We can do local delivery/pick-up in Durham Region and will be also be in the Bobcaygeon area from May to October  And hey, if someone really loves something and wants to have it shipped, we can get you a shipping price.  We are also doing some custom orders too, if you have an idea just ask and we'll be honest and let you know if we hook you up!

And big news!  I've partnered with another local maker, sweet and sassy Sam from With Love Gift Co. and we are offering customized Teachers Gift Baskets.  You can find more information and place your order through Sam's website (click the link above) , she's the best and I think we make a great team and I see many future collaborations with her!

If you have time, give my sign category a click and see what you think, leave a comment, send me your ideas (and your orders)!   And i'll leave you with this....when hubby was framing this sign below he said to me "we have a problem with this one, you didn't leave a space between the words".  I said "it's hashtag honey, there are no spaces"!  He doesn't do social media, he rarely even has his cellphone not on Do Not Disturb!


To those who are already supporting this new branch of Our Uncluttered House THANK YOU from the bottom of our little hearts!!  We certainly never in a million years expected this to happen but we are BEYOND grateful!  And if you click here you can go take a look at our signs we have available to purchase and/or order.  

What do you think?  Leave a comment below!

Thanks friends,

Michele xo



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