Barn Board Open Shelving

Well that was a week!  We stayed up north until Monday and when I like to head back up on a Thursday it makes for a super short week at home.   I'm not complaining but it throws me off my schedule/routine and all hell breaks loose! 

So without further ado, here is a new post about how we easily and inexpensively added some open shelving in our teeny tiny bathroom up north!  If you aren't familiar with trailers, even park model ones like ours, there are no 2x4 studs, maybe 1x3's spaced far apart and the walls are all covered in a type of panelling.  It looks great but it limits what you can and can't hang or attach to the walls.  The bathroom came with a very small built in medicine cabinet and an even smaller vanity with no counter space.....yikes!

You know me, I am ALWAYS looking for storage solutions and I LOVE working with the J Dirving Barn Board at Home Depot.  It is prestained and very lightweight.  I grabbed a 1x8x6 piece in "Driftwood" for this little DIY for $11.25  (it also comes in Weathered Gray and White Wash - i've used both in other projects).  I also used the Driftwood in our mini fireplace makeover!   Here is the link

As usual I picked up the white metal shelf brackets for under $1 each and sprayed them black...why pay double for black when you have a gazillion cans of spray paint on hand right?  We cut the 6 foot long piece of barn board into 3 two feet pieces and were good to go.  We were lucky and hit one of the teeny tiny studs in the bathroom for each of the three shelves and used a plug and screw in the other side, knowing we weren't going to be putting a lot of heavy things on these shelves.  I mean we didn't even have anywhere to store toilet paper!!  

I shared this pic on Instagram after we got the shelves hung....before I went in search of baskets at Home Sense!


The top shelf is for TP and is perfect, the guys have the middle shelf and the bottom is mine.I picked up this cute gray box and the two wire baskets at Home Sense....I couldn't resist the pink because I really need to let these guys know what's mine is mine, like don't use my deodorant when you forget yours or my hair salon priced hair products!!  You may think i'm joking about that but i'm not!  


And since Ikea was right there I decided to pop in and saw the cute little blush pink bathmat and towels so grabbed those....I think that mat was like $4!  I am going to go back and get a couple of bigger towels but I think the pop of blush pink is cute.  


The only thing I still want to change in the bathroom is the valance above/across the shower.  These came with the trailer and just aren't my thing.  We are replacing them in the living area with pine valances we are going to DIY this summer but not in the bathroom.  My wheels are always spinning so i'll come up with something.



Total cost to make these shelves was $20!!!!  Not even kidding....and another $27 spent between Home Sense and Ikea on the baskets, mat, towels, everything else I had.  Even the toilet paper was on sale!

I seriously can't say enough about this barn board line at Home Depot!  I love to use authentic barn board and reclaimed wood whenever I can get my hands on it but keep in mind it is usually heavy and perhaps not always even.  This is the perfect alternative for a project like this.

So there you go my friends, a little weekend project for you, I hope this sends some inspiration your way!

Michele xo



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