Designing My Dream Bathroom

I have been dreaming about renovating our three piece bathroom since we moved into our bungalow 1336 days ago!   And although our budget says we aren’t quite ready to start, I like to be two steps ahead, always prepared just in case hubby gives us the green light.  When he says go I want to be ready!  As a blogger, it's also my dream to do my biggest collaboration EVER in the form of a bathroom reno....what can I say, i'm a real life daydream believer!   And I have to give a shout out to Wayfair for creating this amazing blogging campaign because although i've been dreaming and scheming about a new bathroom, this made me get serious and EXCITED!

I am usually pretty realistic in my reno dreams, i'm always looking to design/decorate/reno on a dime when I can.  And really, I don’t need a 5 star hotel spa-like bathroom, I just want some jets in my tub so I can soak these aching muscles at the end of a busy day, a nice bath caddy to hold a glass of wine, a candle and my book.  And hey, if it was one of those fancy self cleaning tubs, even better!  I definitely want heated floors because who wants to step on cold tiles after a hot bath (even if the tiles are gorgeous)!  I want a vanity with storage and a countertop that doesn’t look like it came straight out of the Brady Bunch house, with a huge round mirror.  I’m picturing the perfect light fixture that brightens our windowless bathroom but also has a dimmer switch to turn those lights down low on tub soaking nights.   

How is it sounding so far?  Pretty darn good if you ask me and the best part of this dream is I’ve basically found everything on my wishlist from Wayfair!  From the bathtub to the light fixture….one stop dreaming from the comfort of my couch.  Just think, with one click this could all be mine…

I need to do a little research and pricing on heated flooring but from what I’ve seen it doesn’t look hard and hey, I am married to an electrician so that in itself is cost effective right?  (feel free to leave your comments and suggestions on heat bathroom flooring below for those who have been there done that!)

Now let's talk tiles.  I can’t decide between white subway tiles or a white tub surround for my new dream bathtub but one thing I am 100% certain of are these sexy floor tiles. I’ve been wanting to put these in a bathroom FOREVER!!!    I know some of you make think they are a passing trend but I have to disagree.  I think the crisp black and white design is timeless and will be gorgeous.


And the price is right over at's the link incase you want to check them out!

Ok last but far from least are the faucets i'm seeing in my dream bathroom and I have to tell you guys that I am totally crushing on the Champagne Gold finish from Delta Faucet, I mean look at these beauties, once again, clean lines but the finish just takes things to the next level and provides the perfect contrast with the black and white design scheme i'm dreaming up!

Here are the links to these two pretties....but I must warn you, once you start looking on the Delta Faucet website, you may not be able to stop!

I wish I had a picture of my completely finished dream bathroom but unfortunately it’s still in the “dreaming” stage.  I'm picturing those beautiful open shelves above the toilet and that shower curtain from Wayfair, the fluffy towels i'll bring in, the soft bath mats, the candles....sigh

Luckily for me I’m a glass is half full kinda gal and I’m also a firm believer that dreams can come true, sometimes you just need to be patient.  In the meantime, if you're looking for me i'll be over here daydreaming about soaking in my new tub. :)

Michele xo





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