UPDATED INTERIOR DOOR HARDWARE - 10 New Reasons We Love Nostalgic Warehouse

UPDATED INTERIOR DOOR HARDWARE - 10 New Reasons We Love Nostalgic Warehouse

After we completed our entryway makeover as part of the Jeffrey Court Fall Reno Challenge the state of our door hardware throughout the rest of the house looked tired and sad and seemed to stand out more than ever.

If you are new here, we are living in a typical builder grade bungalow that we purchased four years ago when it was nine years old. Let’s just say it had not been well loved in those nine years nor had it seen any updates or upgrades, including the dated (and ugly) brass door hardware.

Our bungalow is open concept with five doors from the front of the house to the back so I wanted to make that change sooner rather than later and I knew I wanted oil rubbed bronze to match our new front door hardware, and, I wanted something a little different.

When I began my search I came across Nostalgic Warehouse and fell instantly in love. (Sponsored). Nostalgic Warehouse manufactures the most beautiful vintage hardware, and in our case, it adds the perfect rustic charm that we are always looking for.

It was love at first sight….

This was the first picture that caught my eye and I knew we didn’t need to look any further, it was love at first sight. The beautiful Prairie Long Plate and the rustic, craftsman charm it exudes, I knew pairing it with the New York knob would give us the look we had been searching for.

Once we made this discovery, we knew we wanted to not only change out the doors that were visible, we also wanted to keep the flow going and change out the bedroom and bathroom closet door hardware as well, in total we would be swapping out 10 door handles! It was going to be a tedious job but we knew it would be well worth it.

Removing the old hardware was the easy part and it was all quickly donated to a local charity. We then began installing the new hardware, one room at a time. It took us an entire weekend but it was time well spent. ((in case you are new to my Blog, around here when I say “we” when it pertains to the actual work, it usually means my hubby! )

This new hardware has totally transformed our home! It is one of the first things our guests have noticed when the walk through the door. I am absolutely in love but I especially adore it in our recently made over guest bathroom. The new Nostalgic Warehouse door hardware ties in beautifully with the new black faucet, vent covers and electrical outlets. It’s like a match made in door hardware heaven!

This DIY is achievable for anyone, just follow the manufacterer instructions, use the templates provided with the new hardware and have all of your tools on hand. We recommend the following:

  • screwdriver

  • wood chisel

  • level

  • masking tape

  • measuring tape

  • pencil

Thank you again Nostalgic Warehouse for helping us transform our home!

Please be sure to visit their website, the choices and combinations of their vintage hardware are endless, they definitely have something for everyone!

Michele xo

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