A huge THANK YOU to Behr Paint for sponsoring this post and this project!  My favourable opinions of this amazing paint are all my own!


Who doesn’t love a total blank canvas?

We are now 17 days in our new home, how is that even possible? Last week I shared our kitchen/ living room makeover, and since there is no rest for the wicked; we have moved right along to our master bedroom!

Our new house is just under two years old, it had one previous owner who had converted the loft into a master bedroom/suite. For us this meant the original main floor master bedroom had never been used. You can’t get more of a blank slate than that.

Maybe it’s just me but I find something super exciting about making over a room that has never seen a pop of colour on any of its wall Maybe that’s a bit dramatic but it’s honestly how I feel! I’m like “let me at it”!!!

Full disclosure…the first photo is from the real estate listing of our home, the second is how it looked before paint!

I picked our paint for this room from a few paint chips and the extremely helpful Behr Colour Studio. And while I erred a little bit on the side of caution in the kitchen/living room (minus the black accent wall), I headed right for my favourite dark and moody colours for our master bedroom, knowing I would do a lighter accent wall and finishing touches, etc.

Since this room was also a member of the builder beige club and had not be used, nothing had been hung on the walls so other than a light sand no further prep work was needed before this next paint party got started!

The colour I choose for our Master Bedroom is BEHR MARQUEE® Mined Coal in an Eggshell finish and you guys, it was love at first brush stroke!

I knew as the soon as the cutting it got underway I had chosen the perfect colour!

I get asked how we like BEHR MARQUEE® and I always say the same thing, it literally goes on like BUTTER. Even using a dark colour on these barely primed walls, total and complete coverage with two coats. I love using the Eggshell finish, especially when painting darker colours because in case you didn’t know, Eggshell and Matte finishes tend to to be the best finishes at hiding any imperfections on your walls. We are continuing to paint the trim with BEHR MARQUEE® Ultra White in a Semi-Gloss finish to make them “pop” a little more against the Eggshell finish on the walls.

And yes, I ALREADY know what you’re thinking! “Wow Michele, that’s a small bedroom to paint such a dark colour”!  And yes it is a small room, but the ceilings are high and white, the baseboards are wide and our accent wall is light. Nice bright bedding, mirrors and finishing touches combine to make our freshly painted master bedroom nothing shy of cozy!

Are you considering a bedroom makeover and are unsure of the perfect paint colour? You can always follow the latest trends and go white and bright (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that); or you can follow your heart like me, and try something new and bold.  I constantly hear from my followers “I wish I dared to use some of the dark colours like you do” and I always tell you guys the same thing, go for it!  Follow your heart, do what you love!

Remember, when in doubt, use the Behr Colour Studio or better yet, download the app, which makes it easy to “see” the paint colours on your own walls! And if that still doesn’t help you decide, head to your local Home Depot Paint Department where Behr products are sold exclusively.  Don’t be afraid to ask them ANYTHING about Behr products from colour choices to finishes, to the various lines of paint, they are always super helpful!! And if you still aren’t completely sure, have them mix up some sample pots, bring them home, and test them all side by side on your walls, trust me, it will help you make your decision!

I am always bold and confident in my paint choices and do what I love and encourage you to do the same. At the end of the day, it’s your home, your bedroom (or living room, bathroom, etc), your cozy sanctuary, and all that matters is that you love it!


I think you’ll agree our master bedroom has been totally transformed into a cozy haven and it all started with a single paint chip that caught my eye in Home Depot.

 Michele xo

PS….And because we are a little crazy over here at Our Uncluttered House, the painting journey continues! Keep following along to see which room we transform next week!!

A huge THANK YOU to Behr Paint for sponsoring this post and this project!  My favourable opinions of this amazing paint are all my own!