How many of you agree that finishing touches are often times, all you need to complete a room? Sometimes those finishing touches can be bigger items, like in my case my gorgeous green kitchen chairs, my vintage-y runner and my new barstools, or it can be something more subtle such as cute glass canisters you score for $5 in the clearance department or bamboo cutting boards from the dollar store.

Before we even moved into our new home last month I had pages upon pages of notes and wish lists of things I wanted to change in this house and we truly did need new kitchen chairs. We had the black faux leather parson chairs (who didn’t??) from a big box store and they were slowly falling apart, one chair at a time. It’s ok because they didn’t owe us anything, but I knew other than keeping a few of them in the basement for extra dinner guests, they wouldn’t be making an appearance in the new house.

Once I started perusing Wayfair and saw these gorgeous green retro/vintage style chairs, I was done. My search was over, nothing else mattered. I read the reviews, did a poll on Instagram (most of you hated them but that never deters me) and added them to my cart! Since they’ve made an appearance in our new home, i’m getting tons of questions asking where you can score a set yourself!

It’s funny, I used to be a huge lover of all things green but styles, tastes and trends change over the years yet here we are, full circle, the jewel tones I adored most of my adult life are back and are everywhere. I no longer have to dig deep in my searches to find accent pieces in colours that I love. So of course when I landed on the green runner in the Wayfair app I didn’t think twice before it too was added to my cart. It looks so amazing in my kitchen with the light cupboards and dark floors.

Sometimes when I fall in love with a colour I can go a little overboard so I reeled things in a bit when I started looking for barstools for our kitchen island. While I would have loved some green ones I knew I needed to be practical. My first instinct was to pick black but then I thought hmmm, the backs of the barstools will face the living room, maybe i’ll pick something that transitions better into this room. So I steered my search in a different direction and that’s when I saw these beauties. They tie in so nicely with our living room decor, they have black legs, they are comfy yet compact and best of all, Lucy approves!

A huge thank you to my friends at Wayfair Canada for helping me style our new kitchen. We have a few odds and ends left to do but so far the kitchen is truly the heart of our new home.

Have I convinced you to fall in love with my new green chairs?


PS….here are a couple of before pics of the kitchen before we made it our own



Smart, Beautiful & Functional ~ Schlage Connect Smart Locks

Smart, Beautiful & Functional ~ Schlage Connect Smart Locks