Why We Love the Fairbury Black Matte Faucet

In case you are new to Our Uncluttered House a little life update might be in order. We moved into a two year old builder grade home back in April and have slowly been making it our own. Ok, maybe not slowly, very quickly actually, like it’s been a marathon!

Another thing you should know about me is I love matte black, I’m talking deep seeded love! Whether it’s on my walls, my floors, my cabinets, my door handles, or in this case, my sink! It’s my favourite accent colour/finish, it’s bold and beautiful and always makes a statement.

Our new home came equipped with a white kitchen and builder beige walls. I knew I could grow to love a white kitchen after we added our own finishing touches, so this was the first space we immediately got to work on. We painted an accent wall black, we updated the cabinetry hardware to black, we swapped out the silver fixtures to black and there was only one thing missing.


Cue the happy dancing when I received this gorgeous Fairbury Single Handle Pull Down High Arc Ktchen Faucet, in Matte Black, from American Standard!

But let me back up...last summer, we installed this very same faucet in our summer home up north so we already knew it was a great choice for our kitchen in our new home.

Here are before and after photos of our kitchen in our summer place, isn’t it amazing what an impact the Fairbury Faucet made in this small space? Boom!

This past week we installed the Fairbury Faucet at home. Installation is very easy, even for the greenest of DIYers. We needed a pair of channel locks to install and the only glitch we ran into was, the water lines that came with the faucet were not long enough to reach the connections under our sink. , Which by the way, said connections did appear to be a bit short, we did not have this issue when we installed the same faucet up north! A quick trip to the hardware store for extensions for the existing lines were all that was needed. I probably could have installed this faucet myself (so that tells you just how easy it is), but I like to let the big guns do these jobs and I assist, it’s a win win!

Here’s what we know for sure….. the Fairbury Faucet is not only aesthetically beautiful, it has a single pull down sprayer with a two function spray/stream spout complete with a “Pause” feature. It has a high arc that swivels so you can easily reach every corner of your sink, even a big deep one like ours! You can honestly use this faucet single handledly, while snapping a selfie with the other!

When we installed our Fairbury Facuet up north last summer on the existing double stainless steel sink, we had to use the mounting plate. Installing the Fairbury in our new kitchen at home did not require the mounting plate and maybe it’s just me, but I think it makes this faucet look even sleeker then it already did.

You may also be wondering why we have our newest Fairbury installed with the hot/cold lever in the front of the faucet, it’s because we always have people eating at our island, so it works for us, and you probably wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t pointed it out! You can use it at the side of the faucet, like we do up north, but we really do love it front facing.

And before you ask, because I know you will, the American Standard Fairbury Faucet is sold EXCLUSIVELY at The Home Depot, just click here to find one near you!

The Fairbury Faucet is affordable, functional, easy to install and adds a beautiful finishing touch to your space. Something as simple as updating your kitchen faucet will always be a good investment, it’s an inexpensive upgrade to your home that packs a punch and is definitely a selling feature. Just in case you’re in the market. Which we absolutely are not….at this time!

For us, the black matte Fairbury faucet is truly the icing on the cake in our monochrome kitchen. It is the missing piece of the puzzle, the piece de la resistance for my matte black loving heart!

Until next time,


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