I know what you’re thinking and I still can’t believe it myself. But YES, we took the plunge and signed up for the One Room Challenge! For years I’ve watched from afar in envy of all my fellow DIYers throwing their hats in the ring, tackling projects that they have never tackled before so I figured if they can do it, so can we!

And yes, we did just move into a two year old home six short months ago and yes we have painted and DIY’ed almost every room so what is left you may be wondering? Our master bath for starters! While it has a beautifully upgraded walk-in shower and gorgeous slate tile floors, the toilet is so low it feels like a potty and the vanity? Who puts in a 94 inch long vanity in a bathroom with one teeny tiny sink? The countertops are horrible and the cabinets themselves are almost as low as the potty size toilet and have no drawers. Take a look for yourself.

So yes we could have DIY’ed some drawers and somehow tried to raise up the vanity so it’s not kiddy level but we really would love to have two sinks and lots and lots of drawers because if you didn’t know, I am a little anal about organization over here!

Here is our plan for our master bath (sponsored):

  • replace vanity with a 75 inch cabinet with double sinks - which means changing the plumbing from one sink to two….no big deal right? #wearenotplumbers

  • add new cabinetry hardware from Liberty Hardware

  • install two beautiful faucets by American Standard Canada

  • replace toilet with an adult size one by American Standard Canada

  • remove existing vanity light and rewire for two vanity lights from LivingLIGHTING

  • wallpaper an accent wall with peel and stick wallpaper from the new Paul Brent series by Roommates Decor

  • paint ceiling, walls and trim with my favourite Behr Paint

  • add some beautiful finishing touches from my friends at Wayfair & Mapiful

Piece of cake right? All in six weeks…oh and did I mention in the middle of those six weeks we are taking a four night trip for my upcoming, ahem, milestone birthday? So our six week challenge just became five, NO BIG DEAL!

Be sure to follow along here and on Instagram for weekly updates, You can cheer us on and give us all your plumbing tips, trust me, we’re gonna need them! And more importantly, you need to check out all the AMAZING talent that are participating in the One Room Challenge, both the featured designers and all the Guest Participants like me, they are all TRULY REMARKABLE! Keep up to date with everyone by clicking here….and, once you click through, bookmark the page so you can check back every week and cheer us all on!

Let’s do this!

Michele xo

PS…there will be zero waste with this makeover, the toilet, sink and light fixture will be donated and the vanity and countertop are becoming a workbench in our basement #winning #zerowaste



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